The Thief of Eyes is a supernatural mystery novel following Allison Piper and Donna “Don” Kyle, a pair of field investigators for an organization called “The Choir,” as they attempt to head off a doomsday prophesy. The story will be presented in bite-sized scenes, typically changing with POV or time skips, and will be updated every Monday and Friday. This is the first of an ongoing series I’ll be doing in the fictional Choir universe and I hope it’s a long and entertaining experience for everyone.

The site is barebones for now, but simple is best. You’ll find updates under the Chapters section on the right. A reminder that this story contains strong language, violence, and sexual situations.

If you do enjoy TToE, please consider becoming a patron or telling your friends. While this is a web novel, I plan to add illustrations and perhaps other media in time to enhance the experience and the more support I receive, the easier that will be.

Thank you and please enjoy.