Class: Worldborn
Family: Fae
Threat Level: C

The Family of Fae is a large and diverse grouping. They vary as much in form as they do function. The most numerous of their kind is the Faerie or Fairy.

Physical Characteristics

Faeries resemble small human females wearing clothes made of various natural materials. There are no males that have been recorded to date. Their skin usually falls within expected human hues, while their hair and eyes seem to run the full rainbow. The possess insect-like wings that can also vary wildly.

Internally, they resemble humans as well, however, they lack the significant musculature that would be expected from a being that flies with the wing to body ratio they possess. 

Abilities and traits

The Faerie’s ability to fly is one of their most curious traits. While it is obvious that they are not flying under the mechanical function of their wings, there is no other detectable system that allows them to stay aloft. They also seem to be able to carry things many times their own weight with little difficulty, save for interference from moving wind. It was suspected that they used a form of telekinesis, much like Espers, but such a skill would be visible to those that can view auras.

Despite their mysterious carrying capacity in flight, Faeries are not particularly robust. They can withstand reasonable handling but are very easily injured. Their ability to heal wounds is disquieting. The application of blood from any creature has a powerful recuperative effect. Swift and liberal application of blood can allow them to heal from even the most egregious of injuries. When coated in blood, Faeries become nigh indestructible.

They are very intelligent, almost as smart as your average adult human. They will make tools and build functional “towns” in their hives where a keen observer could tell what different faeries are doing and what their positions in the hive are.

The Faerie relationship with blood is an interesting one. Not all Faeries behave the same when it comes to blood. Some will subsist on small amounts from large animals. Some feed exclusively on the “blood” of plants. In whatever case, the whole of a nest will eat the same thing.

Faeries can communicate both verbally and telepathically. Their verbal speech, while quiet, is still audible. They will use active telepathy to ensure they are heard, however. This ability works on animals, though they can not control an animal they speak with.

One final trait of note is that regardless of their normal diet, Faeries are opportunistic cannibals towards other Faeries and other Fae. If they think they can kill and consume a smaller hive, they will do so. This behavior isn’t clearly understood and seems to be based on the fact that Faeries don’t see other Faeries as the same thing they are and have no compunction about eating them. 


Faeries are physically very weak. They can be struck from the air, barehanded, by a child and the force of it would likely kill them.

Life Cycle

Faeries are born pregnant but wait until they find a comfortable location with abundant food to produce their offspring. The amount of available food and the number of Faeries in a hive has a direct effect on the size of their clutches. The eggs they produce as a hive are usually spread out throughout the nest site in order to protect them from predators. To date, there is no known limit to the number of clutches a single faerie can produce.

Once hatched, they mature rapidly and live for a number of years. The oldest found in nature was 27 years old, however, she was as active as any other member of her nest leading some to speculate that they can either reach much older ages and simply don’t due to predation or that they don’t age as other beings do.

A hive will usually pick a quiet place near their preferred food source to nest. They have been found in trees, attics, and long-abandoned furniture. The place of greatest concern is when Faeries nest inside of a Faerie Tree. Faerie Trees are a type of Fiend that little is known about. They can appear anywhere from deep woods to city streets though they generally only appear near human habitations. Faeries that live in a Faerie Tree will develop a mutualistic relationship with it. The Faeries will tend to any parasites or illnesses that attempt to invade the tree. They will also see to its propagation and the spreading of cuttings. In the case of trees that feed on living creatures, the faeries will actively draw prey under the tree’s canopy so that it can be killed and consumed. They can also learn to use the tree’s weapons against targets, be that spores, scents, or toxins.

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