The ‘Cubi

Class: Worldborn
Family: Empusa
Threat Level: B

‘Cubi (as Succubi and Incubi are called as a collective) are one of the oldest of the Worldborn, if not the oldest. If you asked them, they would proudly proclaim their age to be equal to that of humanity itself. They were among the first Worldborn to be discovered, but it took some time to identify them as Worldborn and not errant fiends.

Physical Characteristics

‘Cubi are low tier shapeshifters, able to make minor adjustments to their weight and coloring. These changes do not alter the ‘Cubi’s mass and thus these changes are generally seen as aesthetical more than directly beneficial. Beyond that, they typically look like reasonably fit humans and are colored and shaped within expected parameters. Though, some have been known to take on fantastic hair colors, they seem to limit it to what modern hair dye is capable of.

‘Cubi bodies are not made of flesh. Instead, they are composed of solid energy or hardened light. It is difficult to say any matter separated from a ‘Cubi’s body will instantly dissipate and their bodies do the same in time should they be slain, thus preventing them from being studied. This matter, whatever it is, does have mass. It will imitate human function with the exclusion of actually bleeding, sweating, or producing bodily waste. Despite a lack of true organs, however, if struck they can and will react as appropriate, this includes being stunned or knocked out by appropriate head trauma, retching in reaction to smells, or shuddering if shocked. This behavior is not an act, but instead, is autonomic.

The one noted trait is that the overall age of a ‘Cubi is physically evident not in physical wear, like with a human, but mass. The older on is, the heavier they will be. How they manifest this differs, with incubi showing greater muscle tone, definition, or size and females being more voluptuous. Both seem to carry the weight in a manner most attractive to humans in their environment. This is thought to be because ‘Cubi grow based on their experiences, not their actual power or how much they have fed. It’s thought that they are physically formed from memories and experiences, a fact that makes them extremely vulnerable to Espers.

Abilities and traits

‘Cubi, in general, are known for two distinct abilities, The first being their drain touch. This ability is how ‘Cubi feed on their victims. This ability can be used on any being with spiritual energy and a physical form. This includes the undead, though they find the act repugnant. Animals are also fair game and in fact, ‘Cubi will often choose to work around animals due to their robust natures and the fact that killing one on accident doesn’t set humans on edge the same way.

The drain touch ability functions based on a willingness to touch the ‘Cubi. This willingness to touch, however, is very broadly interpreted as even the desire to physically harm the ‘Cubi counts, thus allowing one to drain an attacker during combat. This makes fighting them a daunting task for most.

Their second ability is Glamor. This power allows the ‘Cubi to draw or divert the attention of any being that can see them from any visible range. The glamor can also cause intense emotional responses of a sexual nature in humans. Those with the ability to see auras or noncorporeal energies have described the glamor as a “shedding of light” though no one else can see this and seeing the glamor itself does not protect one from its effects. The ability can only be resisted by a strong will or immunity to mental manipulation.

Outside of these powers, Succubi have a unique ability called Rebirth that allows them to shed their bodies and escape as a wisp. This wisp can then, over time, build a new body for itself. This process can be greatly sped up by any daughters that Succubus might have. The rebirth ability only seems to manifest in very powerful subjects, usually referred to as Greater Lillim.

‘Cubi have impressive physical prowess, including heightened strength, speed, agility, and durability. They all possess eidetic memory and perfect muscle memory. The combination of impressive physical powers, drain touch, and glamor makes for a formidable opponent unless one has access to one of their few, but glaring weaknesses.


As has been mentioned, ‘Cubi are weak to mentalist powers, Telepaths in particular. A skilled mentalist or Esper is capable of killing a Greater Lillith without difficulty.

The divine nature of a Champion’s touch is lethal to them.

Agents with unbreakable wills can engage them in physical combat without difficulty, but if they are not also supernaturally strong, it would be nothing but a battle of attrition.

The claws and teeth of a werewolf seem to strip them of the ability to fight back or use their powers. It is to be noted that their drain touch does work on wolves, however, and a fight between a ‘Cubi and a Wolf usually falls to whom hit whom first as a desperate ‘Cubi can rip the life from a victim in seconds.

Life Cycle

The ‘Cubi life cycle changes between male and female members of the species. Males have a single stage, Incubus. Females have three, Succubus, Lillith, and Greater Lillith. The process of changing stages is based on the consumption of energy, not age as ‘Cubi are born fully grown. The later life stages improve a Succubi’s control over her autonomic powers as well.

The production of young is asexual, with Incubi playing no part. A Succubus at the Lillith stage or older, with a suitable “store” of energy can sacrifice a portion of that energy to produce a child. The mother chooses all traits for the child including its sex and then gestates for an unspecified period of time. Older and more powerful subjects have been observed to produce a child in a matter of weeks while less skilled mothers can take months. Either way, once the child is born, the mother will spend a period of time honing her child’s physical skills and mental acuity before sending them out into the world. It has been observed that males are often the first child a Succubus makes as they seem to have resentment towards males of their kind and as a result, few objects to making an incubus as a “throwaway.”

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