Short Stories

The Thief of Eyes is the true introduction to the Choir mythos, but these short stories help fill out the world. Currently, all stories take place after the events of Thief of Eyes. All stories are in PDF format for easy reading or downloading.

Casefile: 5734968 – Butterfly’s War
A group of interviews from key witnesses as well as the progenitor of the Succubus tribe.

What you chase, sometimes you catch
A young couple gets a world-changing gig with a group of irreverent internet ghost hunters.

An Act of Contrition
While the Choir is best known as the peacekeepers of the supernatural world, some tribes have their own rules and enforcers or those rules.

Gambler’s Hunt
A werewolf pack takes on a high-value hunt.

Dust and Laughter
A gangster’s recollection of the day his “normal” changed.

The Journal of Jake Fontaine
Entries from a journal recovered from a missing persons case.

A History of Wolves
Glenn and Sabine Wolf meet their new caretaker and learn a little about the history of their kind.

Roadside Chat
The short tale of an unfortunate traffic stop.

First Day
A vampire accountant’s first day on the job is more exciting than desired.