An Act of Contrition (pt 3)

“Why does he get to kill them?” Riggs grumbled as the trio walked back up to the loft they shared with their father.

“Because he does,” Bo said with a slight growl in his voice. Riggs’ whining about doing as he was told could be grating on the ears.

“When you get stronger and make some kids, you can do what you want too, Riggs,” Farrah said with an exasperated sigh.

“Don’t act like you don’t care, Farrah,” Riggs said, absently scratching at his short beard.

“I don’t,” Farrah said with a shrug.

The three hadn’t known each other long, but it was long enough for them to fall into the common behavior siblings often display. Sniping, teasing, and button pressing seemed as natural for them as if they’d been born to the same human parents. By appearance alone, Riggs and Farah looked like true siblings, slim and bookworms-ish, even though they were not. Whether their similarities were a house preference, an effect of their house, or simply whimsy from their ‘Father’ was blurry.

“And why are you so pissy?” Riggs said, digging a finger into Bo’s shoulder.

“I will pull that thing off your hand and fuck you with it,” Bo said as he shrugged away.

“Oh, you wanna fuckin’ go?” Riggs said as he puffed himself up.

“Guys, chill.” Farah pushed the squabbling pair apart. “Bo, for real, what’s up your ass?”

Bo seemed to swell for a moment before letting the air out of his lungs with an explosive breath. “Shit. Sorry. I’m vibing off the Boss.”

“Oooh,” Riggs said, taking a relaxed step back. “He is pissed off about something, isn’t he?”

“I feel it now too,” Farah said. “Just felt murder-y before, but now I feel him mad too.”

“It’s probably because I caught him when it was fresh,” Bo said as he clapped a hand on Riggs’ shoulder. “Sorry again.”

“Eh, it’s good,” Riggs chuckled. “You know why he’s in a mood?”

“He said something about his pet having bad taste in cafes.”

“He’s gotta be talking about that new girl, Amy,” Farah said. “She’s into that ‘The Calm’ place. It’s mad popular right now.”

“You ever been?”

“I was gonna go once when it was busy, but I just ended up going someplace else.”


“C’mon, Dude. Me? A Cafe?” Riggs scoffed.

“Yeah. Realized that was dumb as it left my mouth.” Bo smirked. “Anyway, something about that placed pissed him off, so I’m thinking we should check it out. Find out why.”

“We could just ask that Amy girl.”

“I’m not going anywhere near one of the Boss’s pets after last time,” Farah said, waving her hands.

“I bet you won’t,” Riggs said with a bark of laughter.

“No. We’ll look into it directly. See if someone needs to learn their place,” Bo said firmly. “And then, we’ll help them into it.

“Because we’re helpers,” Farah said with gleeful menace.

“That we are.”

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