Interview with the Wolfs (Part 2)

Casefile: 5734968-2
Home: NA
On/Off site: Off
Interviewer: Samuel Horn (I.D.)
Scribe: Gemma Lewis (S.D.)

Notes: Subject name: Sabine Wolf. Worldborn. Werewolf. 14 Y.O. Female. Mixed Race, favoring caucasian. Dirty blonde hair. Light green eyes. Natural height 5’ 10”. Natural weight 158. 

Distinguishing marks: Notable scarring on length of back, and buttocks. 

Subject is a common wolf currently bound to her elder brother. Brought in by Andrew Baines following a high-level purge. Subject is cooperative.


I: How are you feeling?

S: Better after that nap. Thank you for not killing us.

I: You’re welcome. Do you feel comfortable now that you’ve seen your brother?

S: Yes. He feels safe, so I feel safe.

I: Good, good. Now, we are going to do a little interview with you so I can make a judgment about releasing you and your brother. I need to get to know you both before I can make my report, alright?

S: Alright.

I: Now, would you please state your name.

S: Sabine Wolf.

I: Thank you, Sabine. My name is Samuel Horn, but you can call me Sam if you like. That lady over there is Gemma Lewis. She is going to write down our conversation, so you can just pretend she isn’t there.

S: Okay, Sam.

I: Let’s get started, shall we? How long have you been a werewolf?

S: Almost two years.

I: And before that, you were just traveling with werewolves?

S: Yeah. That was our family. I miss them.

I: Can you tell me about them? About your time with them?

S: I think so. It kinda hurts right now.

I: To talk about them?

S: Yeah. Glenn said to be strong though, so I can do that.

I: He seems like a good brother.

S: He’s the best brother. He’s always been the best brother. 

I: Now, tell me about your family.

S: Okay. There were eight of them. Henry, Sarah, Wallice, Lin, Wanda, Keiran, Bob, and Keith. Henry was like Dad and everyone else was the kids. Me and Glenn were the babies.

I: So Henry was the Alpha?

S: Is that what you call the Packmaster?

I: It is.

S: Then yes. He was the boss. He told everyone what to do. He was nice. He didn’t even yell at us. He got a lot of headaches though.

I: Headaches?

S: Yeah. He would always be taking these super deep breaths and rubbing his temples like his head hurt.

I: Ah. I see.

S: Besides the headaches, Henry was incredible. He was smarter than almost anyone I’ve ever met. He taught me and Glenn a lot of complex stuff. Though I’ve forgotten a lot of it. Algebra was something he taught us. I used to be good at it, but not so much anymore.

I: How about the others?

S: Wallace was more like an uncle. He was as old as Henry and was a really good fighter. He taught Glenn and me how to fight. I remember all of that. It was really fun. Besides that, though, Wallace slept all the time. He sounded sleepy even when he was awake.

Sarah was Henry’s mate, so that made her like mom. She was as old as Henry too. She told me she was his second and Wallace was his third. They’d been with him when he started his pack.

Then there was Lin. She liked to pick on Glenn a lot. She had a job as a dancer. I wanted to see her dance, but Henry said Glenn and I were too young. She made a bunch of money though.

Wanda was like my big sister. She showed me how to do my hair and how to steal candy when Henry was busy. She also taught me how to do my make up after Lin got in trouble for teaching me wrong.

Keiran, Bob, and Keith were almost like kids. Like, my age kids even though I think they are both like twenty-five. They played games and play fought all the time. I mean, all the time. They did it for money even. I liked them the most, but they were dumb. I mean, super dumb. They tried to take me and Glenn to see Lin at her job one day, but Wallace caught them and yelled at them for half an hour.

I: They sound like good wolves.

S: They were great wolves. I miss them. I’m glad that piece of shit is dead.

I: We’ll get to that. Can you tell me about how you came to become a wolf?

S: Well, one day, Henry tells us we’re going to the woods. Usually, he only would do that for a hunt, so me and Glenn think we aren’t included.

I: They never took you on hunts?

S: No. We were just kids. It was dangerous. Anyway, he tells us that we needed to come with this time since it involved us. Glenn was worried, but I was excited. I was hoping they were finally gonna turn us. Glenn told me it couldn’t be that because of some stupid rule about pack sizes.

I: It’s an important rule.

S: I get that now, but at the time I thought it was dumb. So we get in the car and go to the woods. Then we hike forever before we get to this big open space with a big fire pit. Henry asks us to build a bonfire and we spend some time doing that. Then he Wallace and Sarah go off to talk about stuff in private while the rest of us wait. Keith and I wanted to hurry up and light the fire, but Wanda told us we had to wait.

Eventually, Henry and the others come back with five more people. They were another pack of wolves. Their Packmaster was named Corbin. He wasn’t big like Henry and he seemed like he was pretty young. His pack didn’t say much at the time, then again, ours was pretty quiet too. 

Henry had us light the fire and he sat near it with Corbin. Corbin had some expensive alcohol that Henry really liked and gave it to him. Then they started drinking and talking.

I: This does sound like a parley. Do you remember what they talked about?

S: Mostly hunting. They also talked about some people whose names I can’t remember right now. I do remember the hunting stories were really cool. We were all sitting around listening to them. Corbin talked about his people and Henry talked about ours. He even talked about me and Glenn; about how we were family to him, even though he couldn’t turn us. Like we were his kids.

I’m never gonna see him again. I’m never gonna see any of them ever again.

I: Do you need a minute?

S: Yes, please.

A five-minute pause is taken for the subject to collect herself.

S: I think I’m okay now.

I: Then please continue.

S: Okay. Where was I?

I: Corbin and Henry were talking.

S: Yeah, okay. So, after that Henry asks to examine Corbin’s pack. They all shift into their wolf forms and Henry is looking them over like a doctor. Checking their teeth and eyes and stuff. He sniffed them too. That was funny. I’d never seen Henry scenting before. Usually, he let Keith do that stuff.

After a bit, he stops and calls me and Glenn over. He asks us if we still want to be werewolves. If we are willing to stop being humans for good and surrender to the hunt and the will of a Packmaster. I’m not even questioning it, but Glenn starts asking questions. I guess he knew something I didn’t because he asked if we would stop being us. Henry said that a good master doesn’t change too much, but your will is his will and that’s just the way of things. If we didn’t, that was fine, but this was our chance to change and Corbin seemed like a good master.

Then he asked if we’d see Henry and the others again. I hadn’t thought about that. Henry said that it was kinda like getting married. We’d still be close and could talk, but we’d have our own lives to worry about. Henry also said we wouldn’t really mind. No one ever does. Not usually anyway.

I: Wolves have absolute loyalty to their masters. So it makes sense that you wouldn’t care once the change happened.

S: Yeah. Again, I get it now, but at the time? Not so much. Glenn finally says yes and I am so excited. It was finally going to happen. We were finally going to be wolves.

I: What happened next?

S: Corbin cut his hand and we had to lick the blood from his palm.

I: Did you expect that?

S: Yeah. Sarah told me it could be done with a bite or with blood. You just gotta get a little of the Packmaster into you and he has to want to turn you. She said it could be anything. I thought about asking her how Henry turned her, but I’m pretty sure I know how.

I: How is that?

S: Well, you know. [Subject makes an obscene gesture.]

I: I suppose that’s direct enough.

S: They all pretend like I don’t know anything. It’s like they want to forget what me and Glenn used to have to do. I’m not a baby.

I: I guess even werewolves get uncomfortable having those talks.

S: It’s not a big deal. Anyway, after that, they started talking about territory and rules of assistance and stuff, but I got bored. Also sleepy. Glenn was too. We fell asleep pretty soon after the blood thing.

I: How long did it take you to change?

S: About a week? I think that’s right. I’m not sure since I spent most of the time sleeping. Glenn was taking care of me though. He was always there when I woke up. One time I woke up and he was talking with Corbin about me.

I: Was something wrong?

S: I don’t know exactly. Glenn was asking Corbin to not touch my mind and Corbin was asking him how he knew something was even happening. Glenn said he could feel it and it was bothering him. Corbin stared at him and then started laughing and called him a thief, which pissed me off.

I: You got mad?

S: I got super mad. I got up and yelled at Corbin for calling Glenn a thief and Corbin just laughed more.

I: Did he explain why he was laughing?

S: Yeah. He said that Glenn was showing traits of being a Packmaster himself and that he’d imprinted on me in my sleep. He’d basically ‘stolen’ me. He was making a joke because Glenn wouldn’t have normally been able to do that, but he cared about me so much, and Corbin wasn’t paying attention.

I: Did Corbin try to take you back?

S: No. He said we’d be a pack inside of a pack for a while. At least until Glenn was old enough and strong enough to actually do the trials to be a proper master. Glenn was just too young. Either way, I was happy. My Brother was my Packmaster. It was perfect.

I: Thank you for that Sabine.

S: No problem. What else do you want to know?

I: I think I’d like your brother to join us for this last part. Let’s take a short break, okay?

S: Okay.


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