Interview with the Wolfs (Part 3)

Casefile: 5734968-3
Home: NA
On/Off site: Off
Interviewer: Samuel Horn (I.D.)
Scribe: Gemma Lewis (S.D.)

Notes: Subject one is Glenn Wolf. Alpha apparent and elder sibling of Subject two.

Subject Two is Sabine Wolf. Common werewolf and packmate of Subject one.


I: I think after this we’ll be done. I’m almost ready to make my final determination. For this last part, I wanted to talk to you together.

S1: Thank you.

S2: We’re ready.

I: Good, good. Now, at this point in your history, you are both werewolves and Glenn has shown Alpha traits. You are traveling with an Alpha named Corbin who, upon discovering Glenn has claimed Sabine as a packmate has allowed the bond to stay in place.

S2: Corbin was really nice.

S1: His whole pack was.

I: You were with them for how long?

S1: Two years.

I: And what was that like?

S1: We finally got to do a little hunting.

S2: Just a little. Corbin felt we were too small for some of his hunts, but I got to eat faeries a lot! They were like spicy chicken nuggets.

S1: He actually sent us to hunt those on our own a lot. We mostly did scouting on small fry. He said it was because he couldn’t control us, we’d be a liability.

I: I see. Was that frustrating?

S2: He made us watch when he’d hunt vampires and monsters. At least he let us eat when it was done.

S1: He was keeping us out of danger, Sabby.

S2: I know, but I wanted to fight!

I: Did you have an issue with how werewolves eat?

S2: Subject giggles

S1: Oddly enough? No. Not at all. It’s the best part.

S2: I used to eat faeries in two bites on purpose.

S1: I really feel like there should be something wrong with that, but honestly I can’t reason out why I think that.

S2: It’s because you’re stuffy.

I: Outside of hunting, how was life with Corbin’s pack?

S1: Corbin taught me a lot about being a pack master. Mostly the pack control aspects and how to keep my mind out of Sabine’s unless I needed to be there. It’s easier to leave her mind alone than it is to control it.

S2: The rest of the pack was way less delicate with us too. I mean, they still treated us like kids, but not like we were made of glass. I think Corbin worried too much. Henry never told him what we went through. What we can take. I bet he’d have taken us with if he did, but Glenn said it wasn’t needed.

S1: Sabby. Calm down.

S2: I’m just saying.

I: It sounds like you weren’t happy, Sabine.

S2: I wasn’t unhappy. Just bored.

S1: Safe.

S2: Yeah, well, safe is boring. I know you know how I feel. I know you feel the same way. You felt alive when we killed that lady. I know you did. I could feel it. 

I: That actually brings us to more recent events. What can you tell me about the day you met that succubus and the big werewolf?

S2: I want to kill her again. 

S1: Calm.

S2: Fuck calm and fuck her and fuck him. He stole from us. They stole from us.

S1: Sabine.

S2: Sorry.

S1: Feel what you want. It’s okay. I just can’t explain with you boiling over.

S2: Right. No boil. Just simmer. 

S1: Exactly. Anyway, Corbin had been concerned because he couldn’t get in touch with Henry. Someone had hit a really powerful vampire on the edge of our territory. It was something Henry has reached out to Corbin to plan, but then Henry went radio silent and the Vampire vanished. Since it wasn’t Henry’s style to go quiet like that, Corbin was worried something had gone wrong. He decided we would all go to see what happened.

When we got to Henry’s place, it was bad. There was blood all over. Henry, Sarah, and Wallace were dead. Henry’s chest was crushed, but Wallace and Sarah were just dead. It was like they didn’t even fight back, but it was pretty clear there had been one. It didn’t make any sense. The main thing we realized though was there had been a lot of people in that place. There was no tracking anything at first.

S2: Then I stepped in.

S1: Yeah. Sabine picked up Lin’s scent in the whole mess.

S2: Lin always smelled like sweat, money, and champagne. At least that what Wanda used to say. Either way, I could smell it.

S1: Sabine tracked the smell to the woods, but Corbin told us to stop. He said something was wrong. He didn’t want us there, but-

S2: Glenn insisted. He was so mad. I was mad too, but Glenn was madder than I’d ever seen him. I was happy he was mad, but also mad that he was mad. He was crying.

S1: I was upset.

S2: He was pissed. Someone had killed Henry and all we smelled was werewolves.

S1: Corbin told us that sometimes there are disputes. Some wolf packs are not content to handle things peacefully. Sometimes they fight and kill each other. They will wipe each other out over territory, but they usually kill the packs to the member. They only take members with them if they are undermanned, but whoever had killed Henry had only seemed to fight him. Sarah and Wallace weren’t visibly injured. They’d taken five wolves with them. The whole situation was wrong and he didn’t want to take us into a mess.

S2: He’d called it a shitshow.

S1: So, yeah, I insisted we come with. I regret that now. When we got deeper into the woods, we came to an old hunting lodge. It was pretty wrecked. It was coated in wolves, but they weren’t right. They were all agitated and twitchy. I saw Keith and he looked crazy.

S2: It was sad. Keith was dumb, but not crazy. Even from far away, it wasn’t him anymore. I could tell.

S1: There were at least fifteen wolves we could see. At a distance we could all tell there were more inside and they were probably, um, preoccupied.

S2: There was bangin’ going on in there. Lots of it.

S1: Corbin was pissed now. He said it was like some idiot was living out his own vision of what werewolves were like. Even wild animals didn’t act like this. He told us we had to get clear of the place before we got noticed since we were wildly outnumbered.

S2: Then we got noticed.

S1: With all the smells in the air, we didn’t notice someone patroling, though I think they were as much a patrol as a wandering idiot. Anyway, he started howling. In human form. I don’t know what was more insulting being spotted by one of these wolves or that we were spotted by someone who howls in human form.

S2: It was the second one.

S1: Anyway, the house erupts with wolves-

S2: Naked, sweaty, crazy wolves.

S1: It was kind of gross. It was also really scary because there were a lot of them. Like, forty or so came out of the house. Corbin told us to hide and run at the first chance we got and then he and the others stepped out.

S2: Glenn tried to stop them, but Corbin said there was no fixing this. He couldn’t get himself and his pack out, but we stood a chance. Corbin was a good wolf.

S1: Yeah. He was. He saved us for sure. When they stepped out, the wolves made a semi-circle around them, so we couldn’t risk running yet. Then, this guy comes out of the house with a woman behind him. He was buff, but he wasn’t that big.

S2: Not at all like Henry. He was only a little bigger than Glenn.

S1: Yeah, but we could tell he was the pack master. Corbin starts to yell at him about consorting with his food and points at the woman. He yelled something about spitting in the Grim Fang’s eye and that his pack was a clear violation of all the rules we’re sworn to live by.

S2: The white-haired bastard just laughed at him. Said the biggest can do what they want. He said the Aegis is king and to fuck our rules.

I: He used the term Aegis?

S1: Yeah. It was so weird. Then he starts to shift, but he doesn’t do it right. He doesn’t do it normally. It’s supposed to be smooth and even. This guy was shifting violently. It was like no one taught him the right way to do it.

S2: He was also huge. Super huge.

S1: When he was done, he was twelve feet tall at least and white. He was bigger than Henry or Corbin by far in their shifted forms. He was a monster. I’d heard the elders got big, but this guy wasn’t acting like an elder.

S2: He was acting like an asshole.

S1: So he then orders Corbin to change. The whole time, his pack is laughing and growling and drooling like mindless lunatics. I could see Lin, and Wanda, and our old friends acting the same way. It was like their minds were gone. 

S2: If we didn’t know this guy was a bad pack master, that sealed it.

S1: Corbin refuses to change to amuse this guy and then he grabbed Corbin and just ripped his arm off. He didn’t even work for it. It was like he tore the wing off a cooked chicken. Then he held him down while the woman walked over and did something. She touched him and a few seconds later, Corbin just stopped moving. Then she said she wanted the other four and pointed at the rest of Corbin’s pack and the giant pack just jumped them.

S2: That’s when we ran. It was awful. They couldn’t even fight back. It wasn’t fair.

I: Is that when you ran into Andrew?

S1: Yeah. We’d almost made it out of the wood when he caught us.

S2: I tried to bite him. He almost broke my neck.

S1: He probably would have if she wasn’t so small.

S2: You’re small.

S1: I’m bigger than you.

S2: Still small though.

S1: Anyway, he asked what a couple of kids were doing in the woods running like the devil was after them. At first I didn’t answer, but someone wouldn’t stop growling and gave it away.

S2: Subject shrugs

S1: He asked if we knew who the Choir was. I told him we did. He asked if we were werewolves and Sabine tried to bite him again. He just started laughing and told us he’d let us go if we didn’t try and run away. So I calmed Sabine and promised not to run.

He told us his name and let us go. We told him about what happened and he asked us to led him back to where the big pack was. I told him there was no way he could bet, like, fifty wolves in a fight.

S2: He laughed and ruffled our hair. I still wanted to bite him.

S1: He told us he was a champion of the Choir and that the only fight he might have is with their alpha. He already knew how big the pack was and came out alone for that very reason. So we led him back. Once we got close enough to see the cabin, he told us to wait and not to run. He said if we ran, he would catch us and rip out our spines.

S2: I was kinda rethinking the whole bitting thing because he sounded like he could really do that.

S1: Then he walks right out of the woods towards the cabin. Pulls out two big knives and starts yelling for someone named butterfly to come outside.

S2: No, no. He said, ‘Butterfly, you arrogant bitch, bring your stupid ass out here and bring your ugly ass guard dog with you.’

S1: Do you want to tell this part?

S2: Yes. Yes. Very much.

S1: Fine. You’ll pretty much do it anyway.

S2: Subject squeals happily. Okay, so at first all the wolves that were around the house are staying clear of him, but then we hear a woman yell from the house to kill him, right? They all start shifting and running right for him. No tactics or anything, just numbers. Andrew is just standing there, all cool with his big knives. Then, he begins to wreck shop. I mean, one hit and one wolf is two wolves, you know? It was nuts. He was hardly even moving.

Soon, more wolves start to come out of the house and he keeps putting them down. I’m completely off the idea of wanting to bite him now. He’s throwing those knives into folks, smashing them against the ground and trees, and those are the lucky ones. I didn’t think a human could do all that. Are all Choir people like that?

I: Andrew is a very special case. Champions are the most powerful agents the choir employs.

S2: Fair enough. Knowing that guy might come for you if you act up is enough for me. Anyway, the fight takes no time at all, and now the area is wallpapered in wolf bits. I didn’t exactly see when he killed our friends, but they weren’t themselves anymore and it was better that way anyhow. 

The guy and that Butterfly woman come out finally. We could smell how scared she was. The guy shifts into his wolf form and starts talking about how much he is gonna enjoy tearing Andrew’s face off, and Andrew is all, ‘Quiet, dude, a ten is talking.’ Then he starts to yell at Butterfly about how she got lucky last time this happened and that the rules got changed because of her alone and that she and her pet fuck up had screwed up the balance on the whole western coast. He said he was going to slowly burn her out of existence and he was going to enjoy it.

S1: Real fast, what did he mean by that? The whole, screwing up the balance on the west coast?

I: That Succubus and her Aegis had killed off most of the wolf packs on the western coast as well as two elders. The Choir is scrambling to fix the massive hole in the ecosystem this caused. It’s very bad. There is a lot going wrong now that wolves would have controlled before.

S1: I see.

S2: Can I keep going?

I: Please do.

S2: Okay. So, Butterfly shouts back about not living in fear anymore and that once Andrew is dead, the Choir will be crippled and she’s not scared of him anymore. Andrew starts laughing as says that he’ll be wearing the big guy as a coat when she dies and then boom, he knocks this giant pack master through the building behind them. I didn’t even see him close the distance. He was just on him.

Now, Andrew and The Asshole are fighting and it’s like a storm. The air is full of rocks and dirt and trees and bits of building as these two dudes kick each other’s asses all over the place. 

S1: I really think the fight was more one-sided than that.

S2: Hey, you said I could tell the story.

S1: Sorry. Go ahead.

S2: Thank you. Now Butterfly is watching this and she’s sweating fear and that weird light that succubi make is coming off her like she doesn’t want to be noticed. That’s when I have a super smart idea.

I turn to Glenn, who is just watching the fight, and go ‘Hey, let’s eat that bitch.’ Glenn is all, ‘What?’ and I point at Butterfly and I’m like, ‘She a Succubus, right? Andrew is already gonna kill her and if Andrew loses, we still get some revenge. Sooooo let’s eat that bitch.’

S1: It was a good idea, I will admit.

S2: Since Glenn is my pack master, he’s gotta take over for us to fight our best. So he’s in my head now and we both start to circle the battle, just out of Butterfly’s sight. We’re dodging the stuff flying around and moving in sync like one big wolf. There is nothing better than pack hunting, you know? Sharing eyes, ears, and noses. The thrill of all of that is beyond anything else.

Anyway, right as we close in on her, there is this explosion of light and heat and that big wolf lands in a smoking heap at Buttefly’s feet. Andrew is looking at her. She’s looking at him. Then Andrew says ‘Well?’ and We can feel he is talking to us.

We strike. I bite her legs and Glenn bites her neck and we drag her to the ground. She starts to scream and it’s like music. We can feel her trying to drain us, but with our teeth in her she can’t anymore. Andrew sits down on that big dead wolf and looks at us. What did he say, Glenn?

S1: Don’t let it get cold, now.

S2: And then we ate her. When we finished, Andrew told us to come with him and you know the rest.

I: That I do. Thank you for all that.

S1: You’re welcome.

S2: No problem.

I: So, here is how we are going to handle you two. We’ll introduce you to an elder who can properly get you ready to become an independent Alpha and pack. Until that time comes, you’ll be housed at the Choir home for your own safety. Alpha’s are very important behind this. Like I said, the loss on the coast is devastating and we’ll be needing you back into the ecosystem strong and ready.

Welcome to the Choir Reeducation Program.


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